B.Sc in Fisheries

The Bachelor of Science in Fisheries & Aquaculture degree program is a four-year degree program requiring 130 credits of study. This degree is closely tied to the Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology. Students take core courses in Biology and are encouraged to take upper-level electives in Biology.

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আব্দুল মান্নান
B.Sc in Agriculture

There are plenty of work opportunities in government and non-government organizations for agricultural graduates. Many Agriculturists are currently working overseas. So, there is nothing to be worried after admitted to an Agricultural University. New fields of agriculture are being created as the country is agriculture-based. There is an opportunity to be the university teacher with […]

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Dr. Md. Fuad Hossain
B.Sc in Microbiology

The fields of Microbiology and Immunology encompass many aspects of human health and a goal of our research is to further the basic understanding of microbes and the immune system, as well as translate this knowledge into improvement of human health. Therefore, our educational curriculum provides the opportunity to learn about fundamental mechanisms of microbiology […]

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Majbaul Alam
B.Sc in Food & Nutrition Science

Anowara College of Bio Science(ACBS), being the leading private College in northern Bangladesh has come up to take the challenge of this crucial issue and opened the Department of Food Science and Technology) with an aim to provide skilled and educated manpower in this area to cater the need of the ever expanding /fast growing […]

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