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Welcome to ACBS

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Anowara College of BioScience (ACBS) is a popular educational institution of Saic Group affiliated from University of Rajshahi. ACBS is committed to offering equal opportunities to people of all educational, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Saic Group contributes their effort in large scale in the education sector in whole Bangladesh. Educationalists Abu Hasnat Md. Yeahea, Honorable Chairman and ShohalyEasmin, Honorable Managing Director of this Group. Almost One Thousand (Administrative + Academic) staffs are employment under Saic Group. And about 15000 Students continue their study under Saic Group.


B.Sc in Agriculture

There are plenty of work opportunities in government and non-government organizations for agricultural graduates. Many Agriculturists are currently working overseas. So, there is nothing to be worried after admitted to an Agricultural University. New fields of agriculture are being created as the country is agriculture-based. There is an opportunity to be the university teacher with better results every year. Agriculture graduates are getting the scope of application as a technical and general category in Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination.

B.Sc in Microbiology

The fields of Microbiology and Immunology encompass many aspects of human health and a goal of our research is to further the basic understanding of microbes and the immune system, as well as translate this knowledge into improvement of human health. Therefore, our educational curriculum provides the opportunity to learn about fundamental mechanisms of microbiology and immunology, as well as the clinical aspects of these disciplines.

B.Sc in Food & Nutrition Science

Anowara College of Bio Science(ACBS), being the leading private College in northern Bangladesh has come up to take the challenge of this crucial issue and opened the Department of Food Science and Technology) with an aim to provide skilled and educated manpower in this area to cater the need of the ever expanding /fast growing food processing industries of Bangladesh. There are thirteen full-time faculty members in the Department, including 2015 Prime Minister Gold Medal winner, Majbaul Alam, myself served as Department Head in this institution.

B.Sc in Fisheries

The Bachelor of Science in Fisheries & Aquaculture degree program is a four-year degree program requiring 130 credits of study. This degree is closely tied to the Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology. Students take core courses in Biology and are encouraged to take upper-level electives in Biology.


Our Core Value

Our Mission & Vision

To produce graduates who have:
a. Sufficient technical and entrepreneurial skills for productive self employment, research and be involved in all aspects of agriculture and related areas.
b. Relevance to national development and global societal needs and industry.
In this regard, graduates of the Faculty should meet the following requirements
i. Have competence in conceptual, managerial, analytical, practical and entrepreneurial skills.
ii. Be fully equipped with data processing skills to interpret agricultural problems and provide solutions.
iii. Have good communication skills to adequately present research/field reports.
iv. Be well equipped with information technology for global communication.
v. Have skills in participatory approach to conservation and utilization of natural resources with the view to enhancing rural development.

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Principal Message

I welcome you to the family of students in Anowara College of Bio Science(ACBS), which was established in the year 2018 for the promotion of Education among all section of society. As inscribed in its motto “Higher Education to All, Everywhere” the College has set itself an objective to reach the doorsteps of aspiring students in every nook and corner of not only the district, but throughout the country and abroad.

Dr. Zakia Khatun, Principal, Anowara College of Bioscience

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