What is Bioscience?

Bioscience is a diverse field of study and industry with a common thread – applying knowledge to develop biological solutions that sustain, restore, and improve the quality of life for humans, plants, and animals in our world. From life-saving therapies and procedures, to healthier foods and cutting-edge research, society benefits from a better quality of life because of bioscience.

Opportunities to study in bioscience:

Bioscience includes an array of similar industries involving the development of biological solutions Such as-

  • Improve business
  • Sustain and restore the general quality of life for plants
  • Animals and humans around the world.

Area of Business

Many of the bioscience companies that are based out of Orange County work in the medical device and equipment industry. Such as-

  • Businesses in this industry manufacture hospital equipment
  • Surgical supplies
  • Advanced imaging systems
  • Laboratory equipment.

Research and Development:

  • Some of this research is relatively standard with a focus on slightly improving medications that are already on the market. On the other hand, some research is highly experimental in an attempt to develop medications that can effectively treat chronic or long-term health issues. Industry include medical product distribution, healthcare providers, and health and medical insurance carriers.

Unique Features of Anowara College of Bioscience

  • Quality education and research must encompass the practical approaches to identify potential opportunities
  • Meet the demands of the 21st century.
  • College of biosciences (affiliated to university of Rajshahi) try to focus with a view to produce graduates equipped with research expertise
  • Opportunity to practical know-how to play a pivotal role in promoting bioscience and technology in the region.
  • It offers the Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture, fisheries, microbiology and food science and technology.
  • Our faculty to provide a scholarly atmosphere where students are exposed to a variety of ways to define, analyze, question and solve scientific research problems.
  • Our curriculum provides fundamental and advanced interdisciplinary academic and professional enrichment for students.
  • It will aspire to pursue careers in molecular, genetic, microbial, botanical, ecological and organismal research.
  • Moreover it will help to grow up an interest in medical and health-related professions.

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