Why B.Sc. Honours at Anowara College of Bioscience ?

  • Anowara College of Bioscience is a pioneer in the field of Agriculture, Microbiology and Food Science and Technology in the North Bengal especially in greater Dinajpur.
  • The courses of different departments are designed to meet the demands of the corresponding sectors in the modern world.
  • The college has intellectual and skilled faculty members like Prime Minister Gold Medal Awardee, UGC Merit Scholarship Awardee, Dean Award achiever and so on from home and abroad for conducting the courses.
  • Besides faculty members, adjunct faculty members from reputed public universities and government institutions also take courses in these programs.
  • Saic educational Society has 16 years of academic excellence with a strong worldwide alumni network.
  • Establishing a 100% job placement rate is the first priority in the action plan of Anowara College of Bioscience.
  • Anowara College of Bioscience has well-equipped Laboratories, Seminar rooms, Classrooms, Library with wifi facilities.
  • The College also has separate dormitory system for male and female students.
  • Graduates of Anowara College of Bioscience have better opportunities to build a career in different government and research organizations as well as private industries.
  • Moreover, after accomplishing their degree, students will get the facility to get a scholarship from different home and foreign universities for higher study.

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