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Anowara College of BioScience (ACBS) is a popular educational institution of Saic Group affiliated from University of Rajshahi. ACBS is committed to offering equal opportunities to people of all educational, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Saic Group contributes their effort in large-scale in the education sector in whole Bangladesh. Educationalists Abu Hasnat Md. Yeahea, Honorable Chairman and Shohaly Easmin, Honorable Managing Director of this Group. Almost One Thousand (Administrative + Academic) staffs are employment under Saic Group. And about 15000 Thousand Students continue their study under Saic Group.

Rajshahi University is a modern University with ancient traditions. It offers an extraordinary range of courses and of options within courses, reflecting the breadth of interest and expertise among those who study and teach here, many of whom are world-class scholars. The highest standards of excellence in both teaching and research are maintained. In order to become a member of the University, you must be a member of a College. Membership of a College is a way of living within a small community within the much wider one of the University.


To produce graduates who have:

  1. Sufficient technical and entrepreneurial skills for productive self employment, research and be involved in all aspects of agriculture and related areas.
  2. Relevance to national development and global societal needs and industry.

In this regard, graduates of the Faculty should meet the following requirements

  1. Have competence in conceptual, managerial, analytical, practical and entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Be fully equipped with data processing skills to interpret agricultural problems and provide solutions.
  • Have good communication skills to adequately present research/field reports.
  1. Be well equipped with information technology for global communication.
  2. Have skills in a participatory approach to conservation and utilization of natural resources with the view to enhancing rural development.

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